Staghorn Mens Fishing Camo Performance Tech Hoodie


100% Polyester
Machine Wash

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Staghorn’s mission is to craft the best possible product at the cheapest possible price. Looking good and performing at a high level doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

100% Polyester
Machine Wash
FINALLY…FISHING DOESN’T NEED TO COST A FORTUNE! We partnered with Mossy Oak to give you the highest quality fishing shirt we could produce, for half the price of the other guys. Go ahead, compare us…
WE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. And we know you do. Performance is key, you know that. You don’t want gear that just looks good, it needs to perform good. Rest easy my friend. Staghorn performance fishing will exceed your expectations!
DISCLAIMER: THIS WON’T MAKE YOU A BETTER ANGLER. But, it will make you a better looking angler. HA! But seriously, you have options here. Find the pattern that suits you and then get back where you belong: on the boat or the bank!
SPEAKING OF LOOKING GOOD… Staghorn performance fishing looks dang good. I wouldn’t blame you if you wore this at the store or drinking beer with your buds. But, we want to make sure you LOOK good and FEEL good. You try this on, you’ll never take it off.
ELEMENTS IS A FAMILY of patterns utilizing the three core elements of the natural world: earth, water and wind. These are fused together into three layers of multi-directional, photo realistic images to actively disrupt the human outline at any distance.

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